This image, like many strong images, could be as well named ‘Serendipity’. There are times the best tonal contrasts, intrigue and form come together in a moment of surprise – when it’s least expected. And while I have plenty of these moments, there are only a handful coinciding with a camera in my hand.

This image was taken in wilder forests on the grounds of Versailles.  The parcel was originally intended to be left wild by Marie Antoinette, though nowhere near Le Hameau. She populated it with statuary from fairy stories and fables, adding to its fantasia. On a back trail, through some knee high grass, this mushroom, 10-12 inches across adds just another bit of exotica.

2 thoughts on “Mycology

  1. Thanks Dannette! It has just enough ‘layers’ that keep me coming back to it. I have been enjoying your photography too!

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