Works and Days of Hands

En Pointe 16X20

From a dramatic series of pictures composed under the streets of Epernay, Hesiod’s phrase “works and days of hands” came clear. Each delicately balanced magnum of Champagne contain a week’s worth of a man’s working life and there will be more hours dedicated to each by the time they are sold from the winery. Thousands of these bottles line one, relatively short, tunnel. While that tunnel was only long enough to have been bricked by four men on a good day, there were enough MILES of these quarries to lend perspective to the length of time human hands had been quarrying here. That we fill these historical cross-paths with ever-more delicious champagne is karmic testament to the lives lived and spent working in these passageways. The perspective of the photo highlights complex aspects of the process and the enormity of effort compiled by the tunnel makers, quarriers and Champagne makers.


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