Progressive Contrast

Louvre Pyramid

This image represents cacophony, disharmony, to me.  Most obviously the contrast of modernity next to the classicism of a once royal palace is striking, but beyond that the man to the right poses with an outsider’s gait, and the ticket agent’s hands are pocketed, while the broad walkways inside the glass are empty.   Sleek lines are bent by the camera to imply curvature and starkness in the midst of busy, ornate decor.  Or is it disharmony and not simply paradox?  Paradox of a people inspired by an American Revolution yet clinging to the glory days – paradox of an abandoned castle of an ancien regime becoming the most famous art collection in the world – paradox that defines the national identity of France, her government, economics and even her individuals.  Not one of us is so concretely one thing to disregard others – this courtyard embraces the dichotomy – seeming to invite us to discover our own futures; no matter how contrasty they met be.

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