The Sea of the Palouse

Steptoe Clouds Lighter Small

The magic of abstraction is that it broadens our perspective of one thing by its representation of another.  This photo was taken from the top of Steptoe Butte looking north through the storms of summer in Eastern Washington – however, with the landscape spread out so far, the view reminds of the ocean during a storm as easily.

The framing of this vista highlights the zonal contrasts between the clouds and land, between the waves of the farmland and the bursts of the sky – a reminder that different places on our world look similar enough to draw other comparisons.  While the intention of the photograph plays with the variety of tone to convey the drama over our most local food source, recent hangings have elicited responses comparing the troubles of the oceans as well or the metaphorical challenges of a voyage to anywhere worth going.

Enjoy, and be inspired no matter what the sojourn of abstraction offers.

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