From Abstraction to Utility


Creativity not only uses different muscles but employs a spectrum of methods with those muscles.
One method is direct, focused and goal-driven.  It uses art towards known purposes like practicing law or medicine, fly-fishing or physics.  There is an end, a goal toward which the activity is poured to bring justice, health, fish or discovery.
The opposite polarity of method is the creativity of wanderlust, meander, meditation or splash; it resides in the serendipity, the happy accident, the tripping stone and perhaps the legendary eureka.  Most creative acts use bits of both.  Rare is the accidental creation serving unperceived need; rare is the pot-boiler solution that also survives the scrutiny of time.
Studium names that elusive quality of an image or passage that inspires its continued appreciation or study; Punctum can be that point in a book or a picture that elicits response whether we can use rationale to find the why.  Together, they “converse” in perception and memory to peel back layers of significance or chaff reductively; similarly, the conversation they inspire builds mystique out of mystery instead of a pat answer.  It is ameliorative.
These images have points of focus, some inspire continued attention.  They inspire me for the playful, “organic” methods that produce daydreams.  More wander than law, these are images from dreams.  As always, thanks for reading; may beauty always find you admiring it.
 River Trees

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