what i want for you


Vis-à-vis. Seeing to see. It’s a responsibility to share what one finds.  Laughter, beauty, awkwardness, growth – the awareness of pressing the shutter button or drawing a simple picture, witnessing the tragic, bringing irony to bear on the ridiculous, all of these and more transpire from the same spring.

The sharing brings it closer to mutual understanding – richer empathy.  I can’t not do it.  Sharing, that is.  Whether it’s wine or literature, places or people, music or images – it’s a deeper, more tactile experience to bring others’ eyes, ears or palates to the same place – and jump in together, as a community even when it’s a community of two.

From there, beauty can stare back at us.

What I want for you is that the beauty in the world always find you admiring it.

And fearless to reflect it.

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