Purchasing Information

Thank you for your interest in these prints.  You are purchasing fine art prints, signed, in limited-run production.

Prices listed are for images at a conventional 16″ X 20″ ratio and mounted on a pre-stretched canvas.

Prints range from $100. to $150. for the 16″ X 20″ size.  I happily quote prices by e-mail for specific pieces.

Larger sizes, such as 20″ X 30″ or bigger simply alter the price.

The sides of these canvases are typically painted with a acrylic color to order.  If you give no preference to this question, I will choose a color that I believe fits the image.

As often as not, my clients ask for their print to not be mounted at all.  This option receives 10% off and free shipping.

Shipping prices are quoted as requested for a particular zip code, residential or commercial.  I have never shipped one to the contiguous U.S. for more than $12.

I have the best luck transacting money through PayPal, though I can accept credit cards as easily.

And please, with any questions, please shoot a note to: eric@ericcookimages.com

Thank you for your business!Pavilion 2

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